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How to choose a suitable car locator device for smart logistics?

In smart logistics solutions, location information is an extremely critical basic element, and both users and merchants must understand the logistics information of commodities. The satellite positioning system has the capability of real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning in sea, land and air. As a mobile detection technology, GPS is a key technology in the application of IoT to the logistics industry. The close combination of GPS and modern communication technology promotes the growth of the method of determining the three-dimensional coordinates of the earth’s surface from static to dynamic, from data post-processing to real-time positioning and navigation, which greatly expands its application breadth and depth. The location of the item is inquired and positioned in real time.

The smart logistics solution uses the vehicle-mounted terminal combined with the car locator device as the communication portal to extract dynamic information such as the location and trajectory of vehicles in the logistics industry. Users can use the management platform to locate and monitor vehicles in the logistics industry in real time. It can realize the seamless connection between vehicles, goods and warehouses in the logistics industry, and realize the intelligent management of the logistics industry.

The position status of the vehicle in transit can be supervised by the car locator device, which is convenient for the management center to understand the real-time delivery progress of the shipment, and share the location and positioning information through the network, which is helpful for users and merchants to query, understand the arrival time of the shipment, and carry out Ready to receive.

In addition, in the event of an emergency such as a driving failure or blocked driving during transportation, the car locator device can be quickly used to know the accident point, and the vehicle closest to the accident point can be dispatched for rescue to ensure that the transportation speed will not be affected.

Using the car locator device can also help to build a reasonable driving route, save logistics costs, and use the monitoring of vehicle routes to prevent the probability of theft and looting, and ensure the safety of vehicles, express or drivers.


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