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How does car locator device find stolen vehicles?

Even if the car is equipped with a car locator device, it will provide great security, but the car locator device only reduces the risk of car theft, and cannot completely eliminate the problem of car theft. Then, if our car is unfortunately stolen, how should we use the car locator device to find our car?

1. Electronic fence

Many car locator devices have an electronic fence function. This type of fence function can delineate the driving area of the car. If the car drives out of a clear area, it will cause an alarm. The user can immediately track the specific car according to the received alarm prompt. Location.

2. Real-time positioning

After the car is stolen and taken away, the user can immediately log in to the location service management platform to locate and track the specific location information of the car in real time.

If your car is equipped with a wired GPScar locator device, smart thieves will immediately cut the wiring of the car locator device after the vehicle is stolen. But don’t worry, even if the equipment line is cut off, the backup battery in the equipment can replace the car’s power supply to supply power to the equipment, and maintain 2-3 hours of work, which is enough time for the owner to find the car the location.

3. Remote control of oil and electricity

If it is driven to an area that is too far from us, the owner of the car cannot rush to the location of the car to find the car for the time being, and can also use the remote control to cut off the gas and electricity of the car, forcing the car to stop running.


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